STREAMING PLATFORM: selection of FILMS to watch and/or rewatch until JUNE 6, 2023 <3 (including the award-winning shorts of this edition) <3

STREAMING PLATFORM: selection of FILMS to watch and/or rewatch until JUNE 6, 2023 <3 (including the award-winning shorts of this edition) <3

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    FdS is a multidisciplinary festival that presents artistic projects around affects, sexualities and genders that disobey norms.
    The festival values the cultural field of feminist, sex-workers, LGBTQIA+ and sex-positive productions through a dazzling, raw and soft programming of cinema, mediation, performance, visual arts and music. Sometimes explicit, sometimes pudic, sexuality is presented for what it has of emancipating, revolutionary and beneficial for society.
    FdS festival is a non-profit organization, which operates with a lot of passion and volunteerism and is aware of the political issues it represents.
    The FdS is for everyone! Thus, you are welcome regardless of your age, your social class or your sensitivity because sexuality concerns any of us <3

    11th edition from 18 to 21 May 2023 at arsenic in Lausanne, as well as Théâtre Sévelin 36, HumuS bookstore, sociocultural center Pôle Sud, Maison de quartier sous-gare and DOCKS.



    The FdS considers a positive and festive approach to sexualities. Sex is for pleasure, let's make it fun ! There are three elements to be taken seriously in sexualities: consent, health and the possible procreation resulting from certain genital combinations. All of the following statements are based on these three foundations. 


    There is no more or less right or valid way to practice sex. Everyone chooses the one that suits them. You can't have too much sex, or not enough. You can't have too many partners, or not enough. There is no type of partner more valuable than another. The possibility or not of procreation is not a criterion of validity or morality of a sexual interaction.


    There are no limits to human creativity nor to the possibilities of different identities and sexualities.


    Gender depends on you. Gender is what everyone wants it to be. Human biology presents such diversity that a simple male-female binary concept can only be reductive and inadequate. Gender is a sex toy.


    All bodies are valid, whether they are beautiful or ugly. Health is not a criterion of a right or wrong body. Nor is bodily modification a criterion for the validity or morality of bodies, no matter how important the transformation is.


    All clothing choices are valid, the rest is a matter of taste and aesthetics. There is no right way to dress, and few clothes or short clothes do not induce any implicit consent.


    The biggest obstacle to a healthy approach to sexualities is taboo, censorship and prudishness. We cannot talk too much about sex, or in too much detail. Sex is for everyone. The cultural expression of sexualities is essential and important. The FdS wants it to be participatory, free and collective rather than exploitative, normative and elitist.


    The look offered by the staging of bodies and sexualities is an essential issue to take into account. The FdS seeks to highlight a plurality of cultural expressions of sexuality, beyond the overrepresentation of the audio-visual and the male gaze.


    Sex is never obscene in itself. It is violence, hatred, abuse, dehumanization and exploitation that is obscene. Creating an alternative to the destructive porn industry is essential.


    Sex work is work.


    Each person fundamentally has the inalienable right to bodily autonomy.


    None of the statements above describes the reality of the majority of humans in terms of their practical experience of sexualities and gender relations. Social reality implies a resistance that is both necessary and inescapable. Respect, awareness and humility are needed when dealing with people who do not have the luxury or envy to access all facets of sex positivity.


    The creation of the alternative is the positive foundation of resistance. The celebration of the alternative is its updated reproduction.


    It is not a question of setting up a new morality. This manifesto expresses the foundation of a minimal practical ethics that is ours today and is only valid for us here and now. All those who appropriate it are only accountable to themselves.



    Artistic and administrative director: Valentina D’Avenia
    Production manager: Elsa Delacretaz
    Head of communication: Angélique Tahé


    Visual Arts (Market): Evo Jovičić
    Performing Arts : Jenny Granados, Antoine Simeão Schalk, Valentina D’Avenia
    Cinema : Julie Folly, Delphine Jeanneret, Aron Smith, Olivia Schenker, Alizée Quinche, Youssef Youssef, Taje Giotto
    Music : Clay Chenière, Vanessa Sindihebura
    Cultural mediation : Agathe Raboud, Garance Bonard


    Technical director: Sophia Meyer
    Accreditation and ticketing: Ruth Munganga
    Logistics and transport: Mel Wieland, Sophia Misiego
    Staff managers: Gai Brezzi, Zoé Hofer
    Care team managers: Benoît Hugli, Laurina Brahimi 
    Technical film manager: Lionel Bize
    Film subtitles manager: Anouk Maupu
    Streaming platform manager: Noé Carette
    Responsible for the jury: Gysèle Giannuzzi, Duna György
    Trainee: Romaine Wuilleret
    Head cook: Keiran Chapatte
    Information stand manager : Anouk Schauenberg


    Art direction and graphic design: Mat* Avogadro, Elise Amal Connor
    Promotional and editorial coordinator: Alizée Quinche
    Webmaster: Iyo Bisseck
    Community Manager: Dylan Huido
    Program Editor: Duna György, Clément Bachmann
    Press officer: Léa Eigenmann
    Photo manager: Pauline Humbert
    Video manager: Olivia Schenker
    Signage: Mel Wieland


    Administrative assistant: Catherine Jodoin
    Legal counsuel : Clément Bachmann
    Trainee : Duna György


    Cynthia Kraus
    Gérald Monier
    Nayansaku Mufwankolo
    Viviane Morey
    Martina Pattonieri
    Céline Misiego


    Adèle Ottiger · Valérie Niederoest · Vincent Scalbert · Elise Magnenat · Patrick De Rham · Ivan Pittalis · Duri Darms · Jasmin Perotti & Saniha Özem · Laurence Vinclair · Alexandre Hugli · Alexandre de Charrière · Alexandra Duvanel · Eric Fassbind · Michael Kinzer · Yann Riou · Nadine Mayoraz · Nicole Minder · Myriam Valet · Marina Vachnadze · Blaise Triponez · Veronica Tracchia · Peter Brey · Catherine Othenin-Girard · Tanja Vogel · David Wolf · Marco Baschera · Andrea Hauri · Marie Klay · Martina Pattonieri · Dimitri Meier · Julie Corday · Giulia D’Avenia · Ghalas Charara · Anne Papilloud · Clément Raveu · Keiran Aimée Chapatte · Lionel Israel · Lisa Skory · Elorri Harriet · Marco Ievoli · Martine Chalverat · Jonas Parson · David Jackson-Perry · Matthias Howald · Apolline Bazin · Clémentine Labrosse · Myriam Zielhi · Markus Bauman · Antoine Multone · Robin Corminboeuf · Bastien Bento · Stéphanie Rosianu · Jonathan Fernandez · Serge Teuscher · Antoine Lugon · Lana Cueto · Niati Mavungu · Malik Ghalouni · Liza Talon · Cecilia Mathys · Tatomir Jovičić · Tatiana Rihs · Trân Tran

    And finally, thank you soooooo much to all the volunteers, that work with us to make the festival possible <3



    Cultural Partners
    Academic partners
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    Foundations, donations, support
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    compétition films

    For this 11th edition of the festival, the cinema programming team has selected 32 short and medium-length films and 6 feature films for its cinema-loving audience! All these films are in competition and will be watched and awarded by different group of people. Festival-goers will vote to award the Public Prize for their favorite short film, two formidable Jury  will elect the winning films of the Jury Prize for feature films and Jury Prize for short films and the team of our partner Pink Label TV will reward the best explicit film. The short films have been organized into carefully designed thematic blocks to help you navigate through the programming and allow you to choose the sessions that best suit your desires.

    This year, two blocks of out-of-competition short films complete this programming: EDIY PORN and Being & Belonging.

    Good sessions!

    • PRIZES

    Feature Film Jury Prize
    Short Film Jury Prize
    Porn Prize (awarded by Pink Label TV)
    Audience Prize 

    • JURYS

    Feature film jury

    Benji Egger : In his transdisciplinary practice Benjamin Egger deals with the relationship between non-human and human animals. Currently living and working in Zurich he explores topics such as posthuman intimacy, coevolution and the animal as alien. His film “And Then We Touch” was awarded with the Prix Porn at the 10th edition of La Fête du Slip in 2022. 

    Gemma Ushengewe : Gemma Ushengewe (they/she),  artist living in Geneva, practices cinema, video and performance. Currently in a CCC Master's program at HEAD Geneva, they are  interested in the forms of reappropriation of narratives in the neo-colonial context. 

    Sascha Rijkeboer : For several years, Sascha Rijkeboer has been working to promote the visibility of non-binary people in the German part of Switzerland. As an activist, they work in the field of media and education and use different practices such as writing, performance, theater and video within their own agency. They are featured in the award-winning documentary "Being Sascha" made in Basel.

    Short film jury

    Manon Praline : Manon Praline is a white transfem sexworker based in Berlin. Passionately active in queer porn since 2016, she notably directed "Merci Madame Manon" which received the Jury Prize at the FdS in 2022.

    Renata Torralba : Renata Torralba is a Brazilian filmmaker and multimedia artist based in Lisbon. In a constant investigation into body, sexuality, gender, and experimentation, her works invite viewers to step out of their comfort zone and question the boundaries between reality and fiction. Member of the EdiyPorn since 2020, she is currently developing an installation piece “Linhas “Estranhas”, a motion picture "El amor es el espejo de la verdad", and freelancing a wide range of roles in the Multimedia sector.

    Yumie Volupté : Yumie is a sex worker and founder of the sex education website Close To You.

    Call for entries

    Every year since 2012, Sexuality & Gender Art Festival creates a radical space of expression for non-normative, creative, sex-positive sexualities and disobedient genders identities in Lausanne, Switzerland.

    La FdS has a multidisciplinary program of around 30 projects focused on genders, sexualities and affects. During 4 days, concerts, DJ sets, performances, talks, workshops, radio, exhibitions, online programs, and film competitions take place in a festive and kind atmosphere.

    The film selection seeks to highlight works that present high artistic quality, explore singular erotic narrative approaches, and renew hegemonic representations of bodies, genders, sexualities, erotic and love relations, affects and feelings.

    All formats are welcome ! Long, medium and short films, fiction, documentary and experimental, Among the many kind of films represented, we value (post-)pornography as we believe it is a powerful tool to unlearn all that is not useful to us and to create new delicious experiences and references.

    La FdS is a vibrant meeting place for artists, musicians, thinkers, activists, filmmakers, curious, queer, old and young audiences interested in sharing on genders and sexualities, where a lot of love, tears and debates are shared <3


    Only films from 2020 to 2023 are admitted.
    We encourage (teams of) filmmakers that have a political and ethical policy based on safety rules and active anti-racist, anti-transfobic, anti-validist attitude to the people they collaborate with. The film director should have a personal implication with the subject of the film and/or the aesthetic identity. If we get to know the film has any accusation of harassment or abusive treatments, if will be automatically dismissed.

    To submit a film send it here:

    archive of award-winning films

    Since 2015, La Fête du Slip presents a international film competition each year. In the first four years, the competition was solely focused on porn shortfilms. In 2019, the festival team took the time to rethink the entire concept and terms of the competition. Since 2019 then, the competition is open to films of all genres, but also to feature films. In addition, a new Swiss short film competition was inaugurated that same year, with a new prize: the Helveslip. In this archive, you will find the complete list of all the films ever selected and prized from 2015 to today.

    2022Merci Madame Manon, 2021Manon PralinePornDE2022Daisies, 2021Aló + Tormenta Cósmica // EdiypornPornBR2022And then we touch, 2021Benjamin EggerPornCH2020A Mordida, 2019Pedro Neves MarquesFicBR, PT2020Aline, 2019Simon GuélatFicCH2020Archetype, 2019Four ChambersPornUK2020Blossom, 2017Han LinFicTW2020Blue Boy, 2019Manuel AbramovichDocAR2020BottomsUp, 2019Nidi WhoreDocCH2020Brunch on Bikes, 2019Ethan Folk and Ty WardwellPornDE2020De La Terreur, Mes Soeurs!, 2019Alexis LangloisFicFR2020Doll Parts, 2019Four ChambersPornUK2020Emergence, 2018Clarissa Rebouças, Julie BernierDocCA2020Face à face dans la nuit, 2019Loïc HobiExpCH2020FANTASY HOTEL The Gardener, 2019Nikki St. SassePornES2020Finn & Femme, 2019Erika LustPornES2020Goddess Ckiara's Temple: Converting the SWERF, 2019Ckiara Rose and Michael EllsbergDocUS2020Into The Flesh, 2019MontielPornES2020La Distance Entre Le Ciel Et Nous, 2019Vasilis KekatosFicGR2020Les Corps dansants, 2019Elisa Monteil, La Fille Renne, Laure GiappiconiPornFR2020Lolo, 2019Leandro Goddinho, Paulo MenezesFicDE/BR2020NEGRUM3, 2018Diego PaulinoExpBR2020Ouroboros, 2018DwamPornFR2020Primer, 2019Cross LucidExpDE2020Ritual, 2019Oil ProductionsPornCH2020Roommate, 2018Nguyễn Lê Hoàng ViệtFicVN2020Serodiscordantes, 2019Noel AlejandroPornES2020STAR Volume 2, 2018Mikolaj SobczakDocPL/DE2020Suc de síndria, 2019Irene MorayFicES2020Switch, 2019Maximus SkaffPornES2020Sylvie, 2019Clem HueDocFR2020The Melita Show The Movie, 2019MenelasDocGR2020The Pizza Topping, 2019Ethan Folk and Ty WardwellPornDE2020Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves, 2019Chintis LundgrenAnimEE2020Unshared Pleasure, 2019Mahalia GiottoPornCH2020Walking A Fine Line, 2019Meti OkerPornCH2020What's The Damage, 2018Heather PhillipsonExpUK2019Hijas del Fuego [Slip d'Or des longs-métrages 2019], 2018Albertina CarriFicAR2019Le Rêve de la Pêcheuse [Slip d'Or des courts-métrages 2019], 2017Samuel BesterExpFR2019Tendresse [Hélvéslip 2019], 2018Maxime RappazFicCH2019Vem Ska Knulla Pappa? [Prix du Public des longs-métrages 2019], 2017Lasse LångströmFicSE2019Fuck You [Prix du Public des courts-métrages 2019], 2018Anette SidorFicSE2019Antiporno, 2016Sion SonoFicJP2019Between Relating and Use, 2018Nazlı DinçelExpAR/US2019Bloom, 2018Ash MosesPornUS2019Charbon, 2018Elora ThevenetDocFR2019Cruising Poetry, 2018Antonio Da SilvaPornUK2019Crystal Clear, 2017Max DisgracePornUK2019Cumper, 2018Rosario GallardoPornIT2019Define Beauty: His Sweat, 2018Matt LambertDocUS2019EGG, 2018Martina ScarpelliAnimFR2019Girl Talk, 2018Erica RoseFicUS2019I Fall in Love with Everyone, 2018Nora SmithPornCH2019Fever Freaks, 2017Frédéric MoffetExpCA2019Je fais où tu me dis, 2017Marie De MaricourtFicCH2019Jours de France, 2016Jérôme ReybaudFicFR2019L'appétit des garçons, 2018Raphaël MassicotteFicCA2019Lasting Beast, 2017Nagi Gianni & Raphaëlle MuellerFicCH2019Les Îles de Brissogne, 2018Juliette RiccaboniFicCH2019Maskirovka, 2017Tobias ZielonyExpUA2019Obscuro Barroco, 2018Evangelia KraniotiDocFR/GR2019Prisoner of Society, 2018Rati TsiteladzeDocGE2019Release Me, 2017Matt Lambert & Julie ChancePornUS2019SATYRICON BETA, 2017Lukas BeyelerFicCH2019SNAP, 2018Felipe Elgueta & Ananké PereiraDocCL2019Self Destructive Boys, 2018André Santos & Marco LeãoFicPT2019Sherry, 2017Eliane LimaDocUS2019SOLXS, 2018KunaPornVE2019Soulsex with John & Annie, 2018Erika LustPornES2019Tease Cake, 2018Poppy SanchezPornDE2019The Dust Channel, 2016Roee RosenFicIL2019The Lost Head & The Bird, 2018Sohrab HuraExpIN2019The Lovetts, 2018Igor BezinovicDocHR2019The Wheel of Fortune, 2017Bambi KPornUS2019Turiya, 2017Johann DeboPornPL2019Wicked Women, 2018Anna BrownfieldDocAU2018Furniture Porn Project [Slip d'Or], 2017Antoine HéralyPornFR2018Flower [Prix du Public], 2017Matt LambertPornDE2018Aspik, 2017Doxytocine & Theo MeowPornDE2018BITCHHIKER, 2016Olympe de G.PornDE2018Breakfast In Bed, 2016Ethan Folk and Ty WardwellPornUS2018Don't Call Me A Dick, 2017Olympe de G.PornES2018Fantasme, 2017Thomas BuissonFicFR2018Gloaming, 2017Four ChambersPornUK2018Honeydew, 2017VesperalPornFR2018House of Air, 2017Brian Fairbairn and Karl EcclestonExpUK2018Idolatry, 2017Four ChambersPornUK2018L'Appel du Vide, 2017Four ChambersPornUK2018Penis Poetry, 2016Antonio Da Silva & Andre Medeiros MartinsPornUK2018Porn Night, 2017Hadrien don FayelExpFR2017Scène coupée, 2016Hadrien don FayelExpFR2018Share, 2010Marit ÖstbergPornDE2018The Taming, 2017Daniel KulleExpDE2018The Tinder Challenge, 2017Paulita PappelPornDE2018The Toilet Line, 2017Goodyn GreenPornDE2018Tie Me Up! A Shibari Documentary, 2017Erika LustPornES2018Trinity, 2017Ms. NaughtyPornAU2017Birth [Slip d'Or], 2016Lilith Luxe and Jesse JamesPornUS2017Red Shift [Prix du Public], 2016Four ChambersPornUK2017"thank you...", 2016Noel AlejandroPornES20175073', 2016Coco Schwarz & Alina MannExpCH2017Ashtray, 2015Nico BertrandPornES2017Attrition, 2016Four ChambersPornUK2017Bald, Love & Blood, 2016Amaury GriselPornFR2017BE SEXUAL, 2016Antonio Da SilvaPornUK2017Blue Room, 2016Goodyn GreenPornDE2017Dance, 2016Rosario GallardoPornIT2017Die Figur in Mir, 2015Andreas BoschmannDocDE2017Echomutation, 2016Coco Schwarz & Alina MannExpCH2017Heat, 2016Lucie BlushPornDE2017HEIMAT XXX, 2016Sebastian Dominic AuerPornAT2017Imperial Tranz-Am, 2016Aron KantorPornUS2017Indulgence, 2016Lou BessemerPornDE2017Ivan's Need, 2015Veronica L. Montaño, Manuela Leuenberger, Lukas SuterAnimCH2017Locked, 2015René de Sans & MamanaPornDE2017Please May I Come, Mistress, 2016Pandora BlakePornUK2017Recursion, 2016Four ChambersPornUK2017Sauce Andalouse, 2015Mathias AntoniettiAnimCH2017The Wet Nurse & Her Diabolical Concerns, 2014Marc BlackiePornUK2016Vital Signs [Slip d'Or], 2015Gala VantingPornAU2016O mio fiore delicato [Prix du Public], 2015Rosario GallardoPornIT2016Al maig, 2015Eloi BioscaPornES2016Coupling, 2015Werther Germondari, Maria Laura SpagnoliPornIT2016Domestikia, Chapter 3: La Petite Mort, 2013Jennifer LintonAnimCA2016Ecosexual, 2015Antonio Da SilvaPornUK2016Estudo de Sobreposição, 2014KreferPornBR2016Expiatory, 2015Nico BertrandPornES2016Family Business, 2015MuDPornDE2016Fluent, 2015Exotica LoomPornUK2016IAMCAKE - Fucking Baked Ep. 4, 2015Lucie Blush, Kilian KayPornDE2016Insight, 2016Lidia RavvisoPornIT2016Juice Porn, 2015Julia PateyPornDE2016Last Call, 2015Katy BitPornDE2016Maquillaje, 2015LucíaPornES2016MASK4MASK, 2015Aron KantorPornUS2016Mi Coche, 2015Toytool CommitteePornNL2016Oral Orgasm. Episode 1, 2015Nico BertrandPornES2016Pansexuals, 2015Erika LustPornES2016POPOXEXECA, 2015Ruth Steyer & Ioanna PappouPornBR2016Revo 1, 2015Jessica RispalPornFR2016scum/asphyxiation, 2015Jonatan GyllenörPornSE2016SPUNK, 2015Antonio Da SilvaPornUK2016The Eye, 2015Four ChambersPornUK2016THE SEDUCTIVE ART OF CATALONIAN SEX, 2015Queralt Antú Serrano PorredonPornES2015Campos de Castilla [Slip d'Or], 2014Karmen Tep, Urko Post-OpPornES2015CrashPad's Guide to Fisting [Prix du Public], 2014Shine Louise HoustonPornUS2015A Blowjob Is Always A Great Last-Minute Gift Idea, 2014Erika LustPornES2015Action Painting No. 1 / No. 2, 2014Krefer & TurcaPornBR2015BED PARTY, 2014Shine Louise HoustonPornUS2015BIODILDO 2.0, 2014Christian SlaughterPornDE2015Chrysalis, 2014Gala VantingPornAU2015CrashPad Behind the Scenes: Golden Curlz & Emma Claire, 2014Shine Louise HoustonPornUS2015Do You Find My Feet Suckable?, 2014Erika LustPornES2015Fonte Invertida, 2014KreferPornBR2015Fuck Art School - Untitled II, 2014logotorium für öffentliche erregungPornDE2015Impulse Response, 2014Four ChambersPornUK2015Liandra Love, part 3, 2014Michelle FlynnPornAU2015My First Time Eating Oysters And Pussy, 2014Erika LustPornES2015NAKED, 2014Lucie BlushPornDE2015Neurosex Pornoia. Episode 1, 2014Eric Pussyboy, Abigail GnashPornDE2015PIX, 2014Antonio Da SilvaPornUK2015Queen Bee Empire, 2014Samuel ShanahoyPornUS2015Transported, 2013Ms. NaughtyPornAU2015Victoria, 2014Catalina AguayoPornCL