!! OMG it's spring already!!!

Roots and mycelia have taught FdS some lessons this year: sinuous lines are better than straight ones, multiplicity is necessary for any living organism, chaos can be extremely organized and resilience is sometimes hidden, cleverly deployed in the shadows.

FdS takes you, dear visitor, on a special walk, and suggests you to look differently. For once, let's disregard the flowers and buds (the sexual organs of plants), which are obvious and enticing beauties, and let's go and see where the foundations of all the burning bushes, all the invading brambles and all the shifting mangroves are made: underground, sheltered from the well-meaning gaze, where wet pacts are created, roots of complicit glances are embraced, artistic and political tactics are propagated, and unclassifiable desires are amused. 

The poetry of affects, genders and free sexualities is continually renewed and comes back for the 11th consecutive year, to bog down sterile thoughts in a regenerating mud and make a teeming culture bloom. 

This year, the artists propose, among other things, to sow revolutionary love, to sublimate traumas, to imagine without moralism, to practice radical tenderness, tactical frivolity, disarming laughter, lordian eroticism and many other pleasures.


Only one watchword, DARE !

Valentina D’Avenia, Artistic director of the festival